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Thu Sep 12 19:59:32 PDT 2002

I'll still send the next issue out the old way, but will
also send it out via the new mailing list server.  Thus each of
you should get TWO identical copies of the Sept 15 E-Sylum.
On the 22nd, I'll lead off with this item:


   As we approach the 500 subscriber mark, a change is
   needed in the way The E-Sylum mailing list is maintained.
   Starting with this issue, The E-Sylum will be distributed
   via an automated mailing list server.

   The E-Sylum will continue to appear in your mailbox
   weekly, and to submit items to me for publication, you
   only need to hit "reply", the same as always.   The only
   changes of note are the procedures for subscribing and
   unsubscribing to the mailing list.

   To be added to the E-Sylum mailing list, new subscribers
   simply send an email message with the word "Subscribe"
   in the body of the message to  esylum-request at
   To unsubscribe, just use the word "Unsubscribe" in your

   The "Subscribe Updates" section will still appear, but
   not every week.  After cleaning up the mailing list, our
   subscriber count is currently YYY.

[The footer of the E-Sylum will include the new instructions.
 Bruce and I will have the complete mailing list converted
and installed by then.   -Wayne]

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