The E-Sylum's technical problem

esylum at esylum at
Mon Sep 19 17:21:55 PDT 2011

Ken Berger writes:

> You wrote "Readers may experience formatting problems with 
> this issue. We're looking into the problem and may republish the 
> issue later. Scroll down past the gobbledegook and you may find 
> the content below."  
> This really makes no sense! Since the gobbledegook appears 
> before your statement, how can the reader to know to scroll 
> past it? On the first go-round, I didn't.

Ken's right.   I should have thought to try sending a note the 
old-fashioned way, like we did in the days before we switched to HTML
and images.  So here's a plain text note to let E-Sylum readers know
we're working on the problem everyone saw today, and we'll
probably republish the last issue once that's fixed.  Meanwhile, 
scroll down in your issue past the computer gobbledegook and you
may find the contents of the issue.  Several readers have indeed
found it there and have submitted comments for next week.

Sorry for the confusion - we're working to fix it, so please bear 
with us.

Wayne Homren
Editor, The E-Sylum

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